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The relaxing atmosphere of Colonial Manor’s tastefully decorated guestrooms awaits travelers who insist on clean and comfortable overnight accommodations. Located at 924 East High Street in Bryan, Ohio, just 15 minutes south of the Ohio Turnpike, Colonial Manor provides the ultimate in lodging pleasure. Reserve your room now.

Bryan Motel Provides Unique Choice Since 1950

Elegance; extravagance; stylish, beautiful buildings standing tall in an urban setting…

Such images typified America’s view of the hospitality industry in the first half of the twentieth century. Travel in these times focused on cities. Staying at an uptown hotel during their stay offered the guest a taste of glamour and sophistication. Not much else existed in-between cities at this time.
Then, in the 1950s, freeway systems began to develop, the population grew and Americans began to spread out. Travel became more affordable and available. And all these people moving about required accommodations; a new need in hospitality was about to change the industry. Visionary entrepreneurs offered a new choice to travelers: the motel.

First of its Kind

Here in Williams County, Bryan had its own luxury lodgings, such as the Christman Hotel just off the square. But in 1950 Oscar Krill, a retired Bryan funeral home director, built and opened the Colonial Manor Motel on the eastern edge of town, the first motor lodging business of its kind in Williams County.

Mr. Krill, age 57 at the time of the opening, was assisted in his new venture by his wife Goldie and his son Max. Krill built the motel, a 17-unit property, in an E-shape, 250 feet from the street. He and Mrs. Krill also lived in the 197×56-foot facility.

A New Beginning

Decorating, redecorating and renovating are hallmarks in the lodging industry; staying modern, functional and fashionable ensures that guests will stay at a motel and decide to return.
Unfortunately, Krill never had the chance to stick with the business long enough to need to adapt. His wife died in 1955, and in 1957 he decided to sell the motel and retire.
Howard Emme, 43, purchased the Colonial Manor and delivered the property into a new era.
After getting familiar with the business in his first year, Emme added two rooms to the building and began a program of upgrading the remaining rooms. The fixes attracted more guests and business grew, allowing Emme to soon add eight more rooms.
In 1963 Emme converted the owner’s apartment into a dining room and new lobby with colonial decor. More rooms were added to bring the total to thirty.
Krill and Emme brought much energy and spirit to the Colonial Manor and the community. Through their leadership the motel and its restaurant were awarded to Duncan Hines Recommendation and AAA ratings for several years.
Emme also acted as President of the Ohio Motel Association representing the state of Ohio. He also headed the Bryan Chamber of Commerce.

In 1970, Emme decided to leave the business, so he sold the Colonial Manor. Four years later, however, he would end up opening a new Holiday Inn in Montpelier.

A Personal Touch

The hotel/motel industry again began to change in the 1970s. Many of the smaller motels that sprang up during the 1950s, like the Holiday Inn, were now turning in to large and successful chains. Independent local ownership dwindled and, as with many other businesses during the 70s and 80s chains took over.

The Colonial Manor saw several owners during the 1970s and 1980s. During that time the motel degraded, until a new ownership group took over in the mid-80s. Warren Fisher, a local businessman, headed a partnership that also included two other local entrepreneurs, Ray Welling and Henry Ford.

This Solidarity of Bryan owners sought to maintain a local hands-on management for the Colonial Manor, to ensure a personal touch that guests of the motel had learned to appreciate and expect.

Fisher started by tearing down an older portion of the motel soon after acquiring the property. Ford then oversaw a refinishing of the remaining rooms, to get the Colonial Manor back up to standard.

The ownership had remained fairly consistent for nearly 20 years with Fisher and Welling.

2016 Fresh Eyes – Bee Patel

Now under new ownership as of April 2016!

Times continue to change. The Colonial Manor continues to survive because it has managed to adapt, and offer the best of both worlds: a unique combination of hotel-quality service, amenities and cleanliness with the convenience and affordability of motor lodging.

Already Mr. Patel has begun re-imagining the lobby with some renovations coming soon!  He has expanded our complimentary breakfast options, added picnic tables and grills to the grounds (charcoal available to purchase in the lobby), with plans to add new furniture to the guest rooms and update the bedding.  Stay tuned with us as we attempt to modernize a classic while maintaining a small town feel.